New Age Content Marketing – Tricks You Are Not Aware of

If you are not a content marketer, you are not a marketer at all. This might sound a bit harsh but there is no denying of the fact that you simply cannot have a great online marketing strategy if you are unable to harness the power of persuasive content. With launch of Google Authorship markup, Google too seems to be trying to put more weight on the quality of content as a ranking factor rather than relying solely on links and more links.

As we have entered 2013, movers and shakers of Content marketing world are doing something different; they are moving away from the traditional concept of writing content, sharing it on social media channels and then forgetting about it for once and all. Nope, they are trying to explore a brave new world of opportunities and here are the tricks they have come across in their journey that you should incorporate in your content marketing strategy if you are to emerge as victorious –

Penetrate All Possible Channels
The purpose of marketing is to reach out to as many people  and therefore, your brand need to have presence in all popular platforms be it Facebook, Google + or Instgram or whatever it is. However, as you can understand, just having presence is not enough, you have to do more to be able to deliver more value to your targeted audience.

This can be done by recycling your content. Wondering how to do this? Well it is quite easy. Let us imagine for a second that you have produced a great ebook detailing every possible aspect of online marketing. You can publish a great blog post describing how the ebook is going to educate the readers. Or you can make a video from it, design an infographic or create a slideshare presentation from it. In short, you have to use a single resource and then try to make the most of it by recycling the content in different formats.

Think About Partnership
If you believe that your content marketing initiative is failing flat just because you are not getting enough people to actually read the content, you need to think about going into partnership. It is a great idea to go into partnership with sites similar to your niche but you can also go beyond collaborating with only niche sites. You can expand your content marketing activities in places frequented by your targeted audience.

This will help you reach out to those people who might have otherwise inaccessible.

Make the Visitors Engaged
Churning out high quality content all the time is certainly not that easy. And since you are already pre-occupied with other important things, you may not be able to devote that much time, energy and money on this front. So rather than forcing yourself all the time to produce high quality and engaging content, you have to get the members engaged. There are many a big brands, who have done this thing successfully and now, they do not have to think about content creation because the members are doing this of their own.

Do It Regular Basis
I know you have heard this thing many times before and yet just like any other content marketers, you are struggling to produce quality content on regular basis. But sorry to say, there is no way you can escape this. You have to produce quality content on regular basis; otherwise you may end up losing your loyal visitors.

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